Top Backpack Travel Destinations in the Philippines for Sawi. #hugot

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Backpacking is a fun, practical, and exciting way to discover places like the Philippines. This exotic archipelago boasts of over 7107 which make it an ideal destination for backpackers. There are the usual touristy spots that never run out of visitors the year round and those which are still waiting to be discovered and explored.
Philippines has something for everybody especially to those who are fixing a broken heart. During this sad phase of your existence you would rather be left alone with only your misery to keep you company or drown in your sorrows by surrounding yourself with people and keeping yourself busy. Whichever you prefer, rest assured that Philippines has something to suit your needs including some hugots (lines) that will make you say, “Yeah, that’s me.”
There’s nothing like being a free man or woman. You can do whatever you want and go wherever your feet may take you. If you’re SAWI, then there’s no stopping you to load up that backpack and start your adventure to these must-see travel destinations.

  • Boracay

Who doesn’t know Boracay? If you haven’t been to this island paradise yet, then pity you. It’s the ultimate getaway for single backpackers. Cheap lodging, affordable food, fun-filled activities, and non-stop partying make Boracay one of the best places to heal and at the same time, meet new prospects.

Backpackers can avail of very cheap accommodation from lodging houses to bamboo cottages. There are also those that offer tents where you can crash after a tiring day. Since it’s a popular tourist attraction, have your reservations months before to avoid the hassles, especially paying for more expensive rooms to stay in.

You should definitely try fresh seafood in Boracay. You have the option to cook your own food in the kitchen where you’re staying, if available, or you can dine in carinderias or local fast food chains like Andok’s. Another option is to enjoy an eat-all-you-can meal in one of the beach front restos at sundown. Afterwards, you can take a stroll at the beach and think over this Miriam Santiago line: “Kahit ilang signs pa ang dumating, kahit bumagsak man lahat ng bituin sa langit, kung hindi ka niya mahal, hindi ka niya mahal.” So just get it over with and head to one of the bars before crashing for the night.

  • Coron

Feeling like you’re not worthy of anybody after breaking up with the love of your life? Maybe you can say, “Mabuti pa yung barya may halaga. Eh ako? Wala.” Time to lift your spirit by spending a few days in Coron, Palawan’s jewel. It offers backpackers the chance to be closer to nature while having an incredible time.

Coron is only a flight away from the country’s capital, Manila. Many tourists come here every year so it’s better to book earlier. Backpackers can easily find affordable lodges in the area, some offering free breakfast too.

Make your Coron vacation count by going on an island-hopping adventure. It’s the best way to forget about the past. After all, “Kung patuloy mong binabalikan ang nakaraan, eh di sana nag major in History ka na lang.” Coron has crystal clear waters and breathtaking coral reefs perfect for snorkeling and diving. Island-hopping packages are very cheap and already include free meals and a tour guide. You’ll be surrounded by the beauty of nature and be in the company of new friends.

At the end of the day, you’ll be telling yourself, “Tama na. Hayaan mo na siya. Tandaan mo, natuto kana. Hindi ka na tanga.”

  • Bohol

If there’s one place backpackers should include in their bucket list, it must be Bohol. The province was devastated in 2013 after it was hit by an earthquake but today, it stands strong as ever just like the SAWI who finally accepted it’s The End and it’s time to Move On though “Mahirap mag move on lalo’t pag mahal mo pa ang isang tao.”

You can find budget-friendly accommodation and tour packages in Bohol. Lodging houses and hotels are everywhere. However, if you prefer staying in the beach, Panglao has some cheap cottages where you can spend the night or a few days.

Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills where you can witness right before your eyes the changing colors of hills from green to brown and vice versa. Enjoy an eat-all-you-can lunch buffet at the Loboc River Cruise while being serenaded as you traverse the Loboc River. Don’t forget to visit the tarsiers too. In addition, you can drop by Panglao where you can have fun in the sun, sea, and sand.

Backpack travel isn’t just for adventurous but sometimes it’s the perfect remedy to a broken heart or for finding yourself. Philippines offers numerous opportunities for backpackers but you’ll never experience any of them unless you try. Get your backpack loaded and start your journey today. And by the way, remember life is a green light so “Move on. ‘Wag kang pabebe. Mahaba pa ang byahe.”

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